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No trip to Florida should ever be complete seeing one of the relaxing natural springs. There are Natural Springtimes situated all over the place in Florida, plus our state has the highest concentration of natural Springtimes in the entire world. Our state houses several types of Natural Springs… When my family plus I visited the Tampa Bay area not too long ago, all of us decided to drive the distance to visit Crystal River. Crystal River is close to an hour from Tampa, plus they have one of the biggest concentrations of first-magnitude Springs in the whole state of Florida. Crystal River is uniquely one of the only arenas in the world, where folks can swim with manatees in their natural habitat. My family plus I planned on hanging out in the Tampa Bay area, but a trip to the Springs honestly was unavoidable… During the first afternoon of our stay, my partner picked up a little brochure on the Springs. That’s all she ended up talking about, until all of us finally decided to go. During our spring snorkel, we were able to see alligator gar, dozens of fish species, plus even a group of small turtles. The kids thoroughly enjoyed gearing up in wetsuits to check out the fabulous underwater landscape. The lot of us visited a lot of fun attractions in the Tampa Bay area, but all of us really had a wonderful time snorkeling in the springs! When we come to the Tampa Bay area next time, all of us are going to visit another spring attraction. There are so many things I prefer to do in Tampa, but no trip should be without a visit to the natural Springs.

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