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The gym air temperature

I recently have picked up a new job offer working at a gym, but i job behind the desk and I check people in at the gym and i also sign them up if they want to enroll in a brand new membership. If there any questions or concerns that gym members have they also talk to me and I address their complications. Just recently we had a man who signed up at the gym about a month or so ago and he wanted to do a class  one day. I saw his stroll into the class and instantly walk out, however he came to the desk and told me that it was way too hot and humid in there for his to do a spin class. I went to the spin room thermostat and turned it down seven degrees so he would believe comfortable! Then not even a day later I saw his at the gym again and he came to me and told me that he wanted to do a crossfit class and that the room was too humid. I talked to both instructors and asked if any of their attendees of their classes have had problems with the temperature. They told myself and others no and that it was a comfortable temperature for all of them. Then the following day I saw the same man again. She told myself and others that the room that holds all the treadmills was too hot. It got to a level where I felt prefer he was being extremely picky but then again the customer is regularly right. I went to my manager to tell him about the many different instances where a customer was complaining about the temperature, then he told me not to worry about it and that he would handle it and let his think that the gym is set to a certain temperature throughout the entire day to save money on energy and money.

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