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This is a big issue

I have been making myself insane trying to understand my lady Barb & the toilet. It might sound stupid that I have been tracking my wife Barb & her bathroom needs. But I have a reason for my stupid times. Barb never flushes the toilet. In the late night, evening or at dusk. Barb never will hit the flusher & let the toilet take everything down the pipes. I am always the gal who finds it & then takes care of the problems. If left too much, then I am the gal using a plunger or snaking down our piping. It is as icky as it sounds. I used to think that Barb was being conscious about the noise. Baby did not want the noisy water, churning & draining to wake myself and others up in the afternoon or at evening time. But then when Barb left it unflushed while I was awake, I found it unusual. Then I thought that perhaps the problem was for water savings. It does cost a lot in water to run all of your plumbing devices. The shower, the sinks & the toilets use a lot of water. If you keep up with the water, those bills will go down. However, Barb leaves the toilet with any style of task in it. So now I am thinking that my gal Barb is just a lazy disgusting creature. I think her toilet uses are not even thought about. There is no complex meaning or deeper plumbing reason. Barb is just super icky & forgets to flush each time she goes.

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