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Where dual fuel systems are best

My local section experiences weather extremes throughout the year.  Although the Summer season is fairly brief, the temperature frequently climbs into the nineties, as well as the humidity is brutal.  The Wintertide season is especially long, with hot as well as cold temperatures often dipping below zero as well as vicious windchill.  The fall as well as Springtime are consistently cold as well as wet. I rarely have the option to open the windows as well as like some fresh air.  For the majority of the year, some type of temperature control is necessary to keep the house comfortable. While the investment was considerable, I save money on our yearly bills because of installing a dual fuel system.  My house is equipped with both a natural gas oil furnace as well as an electric heat pump. During the warmer weather, the heat pump acts just appreciate a central air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to pull heat out of the house as well as create a cooling effect.  The heat pump, but, is especially efficient as well as certainly great at handling humidity. When the weather starts to cool off, the heat pump reverses the operation to find ambient heat in the outside air as well as move it inside. This process avoids the burning of fossil fuels to generate heat, eliminating concerns over fumes, warm surfaces as well as byproducts such as carbon monoxide.  Plus, the heat pump is beautifully energy efficient as well as won’t dry out the air. The heat pump is unable to handle demand once the outdoor temperature drops below chilly. At that point, the gas oil furnace automatically takes over, ensuring a perfectly warm as well as comfortable home. The combination of the dual fuel system minimizes utility bills as well as also divides the workload. Because of this, both systems should last twice as long.

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