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Getting all the pet stains out

There are a few vital chemicals that every carpet cleaning van should stock on board. The first is microban. Microban is a chemical designed specifically to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. The majority of people contact carpet cleaning companies after there’s been a major water leak or flood. The carpet cleaning business is called on to remove the excess, dirty water. They then run large dehumidifiers or fans to complete the drying of the affected area. Once the excess water has been removed and the area sufficiently dried out, microban is sprayed over the affected areas. Another couple of products that are included on board  every carpet cleaning truck are bottles of degreaser and paint thinner. There are all sorts of brand names for these products, but even the generic selection of these chemicals can remove stains effectively. I typically spray a light layer of degreaser on high traffic areas, then work it into the fibers with a cotton cloth. After the degreaser sits and soaks in for a few minutes, I grab the scrubber from the back of the truck. The final product I keep on my fleet of carpet cleaning trucks is a bottle of deodorizer. The deodorizer completes a full carpet cleaning service by leaving a pleasant smell behind. I have an array of scents that I use and stock.  On every carpet cleaning truck, I make sure to have a bottle of lemo, cherry, vanilla, lavender, cotton and one that I especially like, called tropical breeze. The customers typically choose the scent. Some carpet cleaning companies charge for the deodorizing sent, but I include this as a complimentary service.

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