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Need ac and less moisture

The heat as well as humidity in the deep south poses a lot of problems.  When the house becomes overheated, it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable or get a great night’s sleep.  Plus, a warm as well as sticky living space makes it hard to be productive. High humidity levels are a immense concern because it leads to problems with air quality.  A warm, moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria as well as dust mites. Excessive moisture can also destruction hardwood furnishings, leather as well as linens.  Condensation running down window panes can result in rot. The combination of heat as well as humidity can aggravate symptoms of flu symptom as well as asthma. A central cooling system provides a immense improvement.  The air conditioner pulls heat out of the air as well as transfers it outside through the use of refrigerant. This creates a cooling effect however doesn’t do much to help with humidity. Lowering the thermostat simply causes a chilly chilly house that still feels clammy.   To combat the multiple problems of the weather, I invested in a whole-house dehumidifier. The dehumidifier installed into the air handler of the air conditioner as well as effectively extracts moisture from the indoor air. I am able to customize settings to our preference. The dehumidifier makes certainly little noise, as well as unlike portable units, only requires yearly service… Because of the dehumidifier, the air conditioner no longer needs to work as hard or run for as long of cycles.  I spend less on electric every month as well as the air conditioner should last longer as well as succumb to fewer repairs. Plus, our house is much more comfortable, healthier as well as stays cleaner.


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