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People often call for carpet cleaning when they are dealing with dirty water and the disastrous consequences of flooding.  It’s the job of the carpet cleaning dealer to remove the excess water. We then run dehumidifiers or fans to finish drying the wet area. Once the water has been extracted, the carpets are still a little moist and there’s potential for breeding mold. Microban is sprayed on all of the at-risk areas. Another crucial product carried as standard inventory on service carpet cleaning trucks is simply a bottle of degreaser. There is always a need for it.   It doesn’t require a brand name product. Any old degreaser can usually remove the nastiest of stains. I try to spray some degreaser on high traffic areas of the carpet, plus rub it in and then allow it to shit for twenty minutes. I then grab a scrubber from the truck to finish removing the stain. For my company, included on the carpet cleaning trucks is a bottle of deodorizer. The deodorizer is the ideal way to complete a full carpet cleaning service. I offer a few different scents that create a pleasant atmosphere. I make sure they are available on our carpet cleaning trucks. There is lemon zest, cherry blossom, lavender and clean linen.  We usually let our clients pick any scent. While many carpet cleaning companies charge an extra fee for the deodorizing, I offer this as a complimentary service. It sets my carpet cleaning service apart from the others, and leaves a nice scent in the various office facilities we clean.

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