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Toilet repairs

My whole family is involved with a motel and bar business. I hate working at the motel. The reason is that I am the one who keeps things running day to day. My brother gets to be in the bar giving out drinks and setting up bands to play on Saturdays. At least I don’t clean the rooms. But, I am the one who repairs broken HVAC units, replaces TVs and deals with plumbing issues. The people who rent the rooms treat the plumbing terrible. The shower curtain is always pushed out of the bath area. So the water does not go down the drain. The water stays in the bathroom and creates a lot of water damage. Also our cleaning staff never removes the hair from the drains. So the drains frequently get stopped up and I have to take a plumber’s snake to them. The worst is when something goes wrong with the toilet. I hate being neck deep in a toilet. I have to admit though, I have gotten good at toilets. I have been dealing with toilets for years, so no problem is shocking to me. I don’t need a plumbing business to help me. I have literally tried everything and researched it. The most recent plumbing repair I had to do was fix the toilet drainage. The toilet would not flush solids, only liquid. I figured something must have been stopping the pipes. So I had to take the toilet off, snake down it and remove the blockage. It was gross but I did succeed.

new toilet 

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