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My buddy finally visited me

My neighbor was visiting with my wife and I for the day. My neighbor had come over to help us plant some flowers in the backyard, and then we were going to swim and have a barbecue. It was the most terrible time for our HVAC system to fail, and it happened just as we were about to start our lunch. My neighbor commented on the HVAC conditions in our house, and how it seemed to feel much more humid than it had in the past. I put my hand up to the air vent, and the air coming out of the vent was not as cool as I had anticipated. I went into the garage to check the HVAC system, but I had a hard time troubleshooting. I couldn’t hear any strange noises, and the HVAC system seem to be working just as it should. My wife and I decided to contact the local HVAC provider. I explained the problems that we were in during a, and asked if they could send someone out to help us. The provider, but that didn’t help us to stay cool while we waited. We were very lucky that we happen to have a nice in-ground pool, because my neighbor and both of us decided to go swimming while we waited for the A/C system to be inspected. We were very happy to find out that the HVAC problems were not severe. My wife and I needed to add more refrigerant to our A/C system. It was low, which was causing the air to not be quite as cold as it should be.

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