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Working on the gas level

My husband spends a lot of his time in our basement.  He has his workshop set up in the basement.  He builds radio controlled cars and helicopters.  He has a laptop, where he is often working on programming for the helicopters and cars he is building.  I know he spends at least three  or four hours every afternoon in that basement. We’ve installed a radon remediation program in the basement, but I still worry because  there is very little airflow.  I often second guess where or not  the radon remediation program is really  working effectively.  I wonder if it’s truly safe for my husband to spend to so much time.  I am aware of the hazards of radon, and I have learned that our house is built in a region where radon gas is highly prevalent.  I worry about problems that could develope in the future.  I don’t want anything to happen to my husband because we were not vigilant.  I’ve decided to invest in a radon test kit, and put it in the basement, to verify the levels.  I’m quite sure they will be within the acceptable level, and there won’t be any concerns.  This will put my mind at ease.  If the concentration is  high, we can then hire someone to repair the radon system.  Either way, I plan on taking the necessary steps to make our house  safe.   Radon gas is not difficult to resolve, and I plan on dealing it with properly.  There won’t be any risks.  If the radon is infiltrating our home, we make sure it is pushed outside, where it can’t cause any harm.

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