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My friend finally came to visit

I don’t know why things always go wrong for me at the worst possible time. It seems like whenever there is a lot of pressure on a particular situation, it’s guaranteed that something insane will go wrong at the worst moment. For example, my car will randomly break down as I hurry off to a job interview, someone will dump coffee all over my shirt as I’m walking to an important meeting, or my computer will crash right as I finish up a major project. I don’t know why I’m so cursed, but I’ve learned to always expect the worst. This past month I experienced yet another unfortunate turn of fate when my friends came to visit and my entire HVAC system broke down. It was unseasonably cold during their trip and we had the furnace engaged for the first time all year. There was warm, dry air consistently flowing through every air vent as we lounged around, comfortably chatting, when all of a sudden I heard a huge banging sound emerge from the basement. Suddenly the air felt much cooler, and I realized something had certainly changed. I went to the thermostat and saw that the furnace was now offline and could not reconnect to the temperature control unit. We tried to tinker around with the heating unit, but the furnace did not kick back into gear. Finally, as our toes continued to freeze and our guests shivered in their seats, we resorted to pulling out all the electric space heaters we had stockpiled for a temporary resolution.

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