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Doing what I can to sleep

Whenever my mother comes to visit my wife and I, we constantly argue over the settings for our thermostat. My wife and I have an HVAC system that can individually control our basement and upstairs regions. We happen to have a finished basement, and that is the area that we use for our guest. There is a thermostat in the basement, and we keep it set to 70 degrees when we have visitors. Normally, my wife and I never use the HVAC system in the basement. When my mother comes to visit, she continues to fiddle with the thermostat, until the indoor temperature in the basement is close to scorching. Last night I walk down into the basement to say goodnight to my mother, and my wife and I found the HVAC thermostat to be set to 84°. I tried to tell my mom that this was far too high of a temperature, but she continually complained that the temperature in the basement was too cold to bear. My wife and I decided to contact the provider, to find out if there was any way that we could remedy the cold air in the basement. Settings to fix the problems, so my wife and I needed to do something to help. The HVAC provider suggested that we move our mother up into the top part of the house. The HVAC provider told us that our system was working perfectly, but that should not be continually changed as we had done. The two of us spoke with my mother about the system, and made the offer to have her come and stay upstairs with us.


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