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The two of us always have a different time when our family comes to visit for the holidays. The two of us have a lot of trouble with the heating plus air conditioning system, because my wife’s family is constantly adjusting the thermostat in our basement. My wife and I have a multi split heating plus air conditioning unit, which means that our basement can be independently controlled from the rest of the house. Since the basement is the area of the house that has our guest room, the basement heating plus air conditioning unit barely gets used. When my wife’s family came to visit last week, they consistently adjusted the thermostat for the heating plus air conditioning unit. Whenever the two of us have gone down to visit them in the basement, the two of us have been terribly unhappy with the hot conditions. My wife’s mother constantly adjust the thermostat, so that the heating plus air conditioning system is always running in the basement. This has a terrible effect on our system plus our monthly heating bills. I don’t know how my wife’s mother can stand to have the basement sitting at 90 degrees all day long. Whenever my wife’s family leaves after being here for a while, our monthly utility bills are always about 50% higher than they normally are. There isn’t much that we can do to remedy the situation, because our family needs to be comfortable when they visit our home. There is no wrong way to have the heating + air conditioning unit set, so it really is a preference as to which individual finds the Comfort to be far to sizzling or chili.

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