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We can’t stop fighting over the thermostat

Everyone of us get excited, because the holidays mean a visit from our in-laws. My wife’s family happens to live several hours away from our home. During the holiday season, everyone of us get our family to come as well as stay at our house. This year was the first time that my wife had her family over for Christmas, as well as I had no idea how many people would actually be here. Thankfully we have a large guest area located in our finished basement. The thermostat for the heating as well as A/C system is located in the basement. I happen to notice a lot of temperature changes in our home, so every one of us went downstairs to look at the settings on the heating as well as A/C thermostat. Everyone of us knew the problem immediately, because someone had been adjusting the temperature control. My wife decided to ask her family about the heating as well as A/C system, as well as if they had been changing the thermostat. My wife came to me as well as informed me that her mother was too cold in the basement. She had been changing the settings on the heating, so that she would be much warmer in the basement. She had no idea the entire home settings, as well as she thought she was just changing the temperature in the basement. Everyone of us decided to move mom up into the main part of the house, because that is the area that is the warmest place.

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