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In law thermostat problems

My in-laws come to visit quite a bit. They live pretty far away from our house. So, when they come for a visit, they often will stay for a week or two. I feel like this should have been told to me before I got married. I knew my husband was close to his family, but I never thought they would spend so much time with us. My family and I were just not that close, so I didn’t understand this connection he had. They stayed in the guest room downstairs. The thermostat was right outside of their bedroom door. Every time I walked by the box, I noticed that the temperature was different. I would turn the thermostat on air conditioning, but when I came past it the heating would be on. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Until, one morning, I caught my mother-in-law adjusting the temperature. I asked her nicely if she could not do that, but she explained how they were so cold. She said that as they are older, their blood doesn’t circulate as well and they are always cold. I knew I had a problem. I called the local HVAC provider for any suggestions. He said this was a common problem in the elderly and that he can program Zone Control heating and cooling into the thermostat. This would allow everyone in the house to program different temperatures for different rooms. This way no one was too hot or too cold with the HVAC unit. They could all have the temperatures they desired.

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