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the HVAC savings over the holidays

I really wish you all had as good a holiday season as I did! Normally I don’t care that much for the December holidays, they make me think lonely since my partner passed. This year was different, due to the fact my job afforded myself and others the option to option up a ton of extra shifts and make a lot of good cash, all the while keeping myself and others totally distracted. All week long I got to spend money apartment calls to homes all dressed up for Christmas, and being totally exposed to all that cheer helped elevate my mood, but just about all the people else who worked at the Heating plus A/C repair company wanted or needed some time off around the holidays. The other Heating plus A/C techs were all taking getaways, cashing in accumulated leave, or just trying to like time with their families, and i was more than glad to take their day, due to the fact the Heating plus A/C company paid double time for nights, weekends, and holidays, but for four straight weeks I was into overtime on my double-pay minutes, all for doing the same heating repairs I normally do. I made enough in December to take a nice and very long trip anywhere if I want. I believe for the moment that I will keep grinding through Heating plus A/C repairs and fattening up my bank account. I honestly do prefer my job, and I constantly meet a lot of current people while doing my heating and cooling repair calls, but the extra money makes it so much better in the end. I find myself looking forward to the summer, when we will get a spike in A/C repair jobs, and the other techs will once again want to take a trip.

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