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Well, this has been a totally new experience for me. I’ve never had such a weird Winter before, but so far the entire season has just been “off.” First of all, the two of us didn’t go somewhere for the holidays, as well as it’s the first year I’ve ever missed seeing my family on Christmas. Secondly, I’ve never thrown a large amount of holiday celebrations for a child before, as well as my girlfriend’s 5 year old was visiting. I have never been so overworked and distracted around this time of year before. Lastly, our air rapidly increasing temperatures actually have not been cooperating with the passing of months. It is rather far past the point when I would expect air rapidly increasing temperatures to dip below frigid, however instead it has consistently been about 60 degrees here all winter. To be honest, I suppose there was only about a week when it legitimately felt cold as well as the two of us were operating the oil furnace often. That’s area of the reason why we’re also so confused as well as stressed out about our utility bills this very month. See, the two of us got a notice in the mail that our newly-activated gas maintenance was expecting a big amount of cash from me, for only having been in operation 1 week, every one of us only turned on the gas in order to operate our fireplace, but soon found that this heat source didn’t work anyways. In the meantime, the two of us didn’t understand how there was any bi-weekly balance with the gas business whatsoever! After fighting with them on the phone as well as insisting there must be a gas leak, my woman finally realized that the furnace might legitimately be gas powered. Every one of us just hadn’t realized it because the air temperature had been so warm, and the two of us only coincidentally flipped on the gas just in time to run the oil furnace for our single week of cold air! That’s my fault.

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