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The cold in my house

I never, ever in my entire life would have imagined a scenario in which I would be trying to save the life of a stupid little creature like this, and that’s saying quite a lot. Mostly because I have empathy and caring for every creature, even though I usually draw the line at organisms with many legs, but not today, though. My passion has found new territory in this measly little spider hanging out in our kitchen window, you see, for the past many weeks that I’ve lived in this house, this little chick has lived here as well. And as much as I’m terrified of all spiders, I’ve actually come to love looking at him over the top of my phone as I work, then since the air temperature has recently dropped into Winter territory, I began to worry about if she was going to be hot enough to survive unquestionably long. To be totally honest with you, at first I was sort of waiting for him to be frozen to death, however after a few weeks I started to root for him to stay hot and toasty enough to make it until the decreasing temperatures of Spring. That’s the reason I find myself sitting here now, trying to arrange a small space furnace so it points hot air at the window pane for our friend. Since she is crushed right between the many sides of glass of the window, I figure I can hot up the air trapped in between, like giving him a miniature central oil furnace. My only real problem will be keeping the air temperature just right so she doesn’t boil to death instead. and I really don’t want this to become an obsession, even though I might need to beginning feeding him soon, also.

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