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The HVAC repair during the season

This past holiday season was certainly our best 1 ever, but not in terms of gifts, or having fun, or anything love that… For me, the holidays are the tied up season, the money-making season, and if I burn the candle at both ends and labor hard, I can pull down half a years worth of income in 4 weeks… This does require sacrifice, of course, and if I had teenagers or anything I entirely could not get away with it. Then but our pets don’t mind me being gone for Christmas, so it’s all good… I labor for a local dealer, 1 who specializes in heating and cooling repair. She is a nice lady, and it is a good task, however the thing is that I am the only certified Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman there who doesn’t have a family; All those other Heating & Air Conditioning techs want time off to be with their families, so I am more than glad to take on every shift they don’t want to work. Heating emergencies happen a lot around the holidays, thanks to crowded houses and overstrained furnaces. When I have to go out after hours, or on weekends, or best of all on a holiday itself, I make a lot of extra money for the same Heating & Air Conditioning repairs I normally do… Even better, aside from getting paid more for the same work, people are honestly generous and offer myself and others tips, or plates of food, after I get their heating method working again. I am not respectfully supposed to accept tips, 1 of the rules of this Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, although I consistently take the food!

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