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Tragedy turning window AC’s into a ramp:

To say I had an unconventional childhood would be a considerable understatement. Truly, I had one of the strangest upbringings you can imagine, but not in any sort of terrifying way. I was not raised in a cult or a commune, just by a set of truly young and truly immature parents with too much money plus too little oversight. As is, they purchased a dilapidated more than 2 story hotel in the middle of the city. Although they had grand plans for the future, at the time it was just a large empty building that was our home. I rode my BMX bike through the hallways, played handball inside the suites, plus once made a pyramid of old air conditioner units. The place was pretty old, plus at one point it had a box A/C unit in the window of every suite. However, when the place got closed up, all the air conditioners got removed from the windows, for safety purpose, plus put into a large heap in one of the ballrooms. I spent some time moving them around, such as though they were big blocks, plus building a pyramid of AC’s; each cooling unit weighed about forty pounds, so it took some effort for a little child to pile them all up, although I eventually got it done. Then I laid out some old plywood I had found up one side of the many foot high A/C pyramid plus turned it into a BMX bike ramp. I pedaled down the hall, got to full speed, plus did a large jump off the top of the air conditioners. However, I fell down plus broke our arm.

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