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Getting dates is not hard with an HVAC career:

There are a lot more important things than looks, you know.  There is also having a nice sense of humor, which I have found leads to a lot more dates than simply being a handsome jerk… Having confidence in yourself, and knowing what you want out of life, is equally important when trying to find that special someone; another important factor, if all of us are talking about being adults and not kids, is to have a job or at least a solid direction in life! Many people think that women like a man with cash, although I don’t guess that is it at all. As an Heating & A/C repair worker I have never been rich, although I have a nice job and women like that. As is, it isn’t the cash, it’s that I like my life, I am sure where I am going, and am perfectly satisfied to turn Heating & A/C into a lifetime job. Ever since I first started working for the heating and cooling corporation business, I have experienced nothing rather than steady work and job security. As well, over the time I have enhanced my set of skills, expanding past the bounds of simply working on cooling systems and heating systems. As of now, I have mastered the skills of installing air duct, repairing damaged HVAC ducts, and so much more. In the Heating & A/C industry, the pay and benefits have typically been good, and I correctly receive promotions and raises based on the level of the work I do… Because of all these factors, I have been allowed the luxury of being confident and secure in this task of mine as a Heating & A/C worker, one that I intend to hold onto for a long time.

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