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Getting a new HEPA filter

I had only been dating my girlfriend for a few weeks before she started talking about all kinds of things both of us should get that were pretty expensive. She wanted me to buy the newest car, plus I thought she was truly nuts. I liked my trusty aged civic. It entirely would drive forever with all the proper maintenance i give it! The single time when both of us were just taking it easy at my house, she was talking about the air quality not being up to par. She said I should look into investing in a nicer Heating & A/C plan if I wasn’t going to get a nice car. I just gave her this weird look. I told her that I could call the Heating & A/C supplier to maintenance the Heating & A/C since she was so worried about the air quality in my place, but that didn’t mean that I was just going to purchase a whole brand new HVAC system because the air quality was lacking. I said that I hadn’t changed the air filter in a little while so I would entirely do that to see if it would make a difference. I usually use those cheap air filters, but was thinking it wouldn’t hurt to get those costly HEPA air filters, and maybe then she would get off my case about the air quality and such in my home. So I found pretty nice HEPA air filters plus changed out the aged air filter with a current HEPA air filter. I entirely must say, the change in the air quality was basically noticeable after the change. I felt that it was easier to breathe plus it seemed less dusty in my place, the next time my girlfriend came over, I told her I didn’t need to change the HVAC system after all!

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