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Busted thermostat

This weekend, I went out with some buddies from out of town, but i haven’t seen these guys in such a long time, we used to get into all kinds of mischief back in our younger days, and well, I guess nothing has entirely changed! When I came home, I pulled up in a taxi. I didn’t even guess what time it was however it was truly extremely late or super early in the day. I was stumbling and had a hard time even opening the door. When I eventually stumbled through the door, I ended up banging into the thermostat on the wall. I heard the thing fall off the wall however I wasn’t trying to set the wall thermostat back up, because I truly would have broke it even more. I eventually found the bed and my girlfriend said I reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. I didn’t hear much of what she said after that, I just passed out and fell asleep immediately. When i woke up the very next day, it was past noon and my girlfriend was shaking myself and yelling at me and to wake up! I swore she woke our neighbors. When I came to it, she was yelling at me for breaking the thermostat! She said she was trying to wake me all day however I wouldn’t get up, and she said I had to call the Heating and A/C company immediately to repair the thermostat because the thermostat wasn’t working and that the weather was getting really cold outside! I grumbled a little bit and wanted to turn over and fall back asleep however she pulled me right out of the bed and put my cell phone right to my head with it already ringing. I didn’t even realize she dialed the Heating and A/C corporation. I told them to please come over to repair the thermostat that I broke. But I didn’t mention about how I broke it!

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