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Needed to update the HVAC

My girl and I have been living together for a couple of years now, lately she has been asking me if we should update our HVAC system. I have told her a few times that I was not sure we could afford something like that at the moment. Eventually she told me to just lie to her about it if I thought that! So after that I told her, “Yes! We will get the most expensive HVAC system on the market!” I continued to say, “We’re going to get radiant radiant floors, with an expensive cooling system that has rapid cooling.” I told her we were going to have a smart control unit and we would have solar panels to supplement the heating and cooling plan as well. When I was thinking about what I was saying, I thought it really wasn’t a bad idea. With the solar panels, you would really minimize the expenses for heating and cooling the home, sure it would be a bit of an investment, but I knew people who have installed solar panels on their home. Occasionally they actually get money back from the electric supplier because they are putting energy back onto the grid! I wondered if we could actually get paid by the electric supplier to do that as well. I think it would depend on how much we used our HVAC system, but with radiant radiant floors being so energy efficient and the newer model of cooling plan also being super energy efficient, maybe we would get paid! I decided to tell my girl that we would go for it for real!


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