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Glad I got away with no heating

A little ways into the winter season, I was starting to become light headed all the time, and I found that I always had a sharp headache and after awhile, I started throwing up. I didn’t think I was sick or anything, but there was really something wrong with me. When I was talking to a friend of mine on the cellphone, he told me that it sounded pretty serious. He suspected that there was something going on with my heating system, and he said it sounded like I might have a carbon monoxide leak. I really have never even thought about that, but it really made sense because I was running the furnace for a little while now, but also, that old furnace hadn’t been serviced in a long when I realized. I wasn’t even sure of the last time I even changed out the furnace filter which I knew was not a good thing. I decided to call a HVAC company and they sent out an HVAC worker, however the HVAC worker serviced the furnace and later came to me with the bad news. She told me that the furnace filter should have been changed correctly as it was incredibly dirty and was actually blocking air flow in the system. She was also saying it didn’t help that the furnace was very ancient. She went on to say that she discovered a crack in the heat exchanger which meant that the furnace had to be replaced anyway. She said that it really wouldn’t have been so bad if I had been changing the furnace filter though. She said I was very lucky that I was still alive because there was really carbon monoxide in the apartment and I needed to go to the hospital. I decided to do that and also arranged for an appointment to install a new furnace in my house.

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