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Carbon monoxide and heaters

I live in a rundown old building in the heart of a big city. These buildings are where the affordable housing is found, since no one is really checking up on their building codes or maintenance checks. Often, these old building’s heating systems haven’t even worked in years, and there is never any type of air conditioning to speak of. It allows landlords to keep their rents low, since they know that it is not likely for any of their tenants to report them. They need the low rent as much as the landlord needs a renter. But, last year we had a huge scare in our building that made the news. A young woman was using an old portable electric heater in her studio apartment. The building was very drafty and always cold. Most of the tenants knew that you had to be really careful with any type of portable heater, since you can blow out the entire building. One night she had fallen asleep with her heater turned on high. The studio was getting really hot. Her boyfriend was calling her all night long with no answer. He became worried and finally decided to do a well check on her. When the cops arrived, they could feel the heat and broke down the door. They called 911 immediately as they saw she was out cold. There was a small carbon monoxide leak in the heater that she didn’t know about. It nearly killed her as she was breathing in the toxic heat. After that the department of health got involved. But, luckily no one got evicted. Instead they made the owner outfit the building with real HVAC systems.

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