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Camping and heating at night

I finally allowed my cousins to convince myself and others that we ought to all go camping.  I expected to be miserable. All of my experiences camping in the past, had been nothing but tragedies.  One year I had gone camping with the scout troop. She must have thought they were on some kind of survival exercise with her Marine platoon.  The people I was with and I had the practically nothing as well as it was so tepid that day. I really wanted a/c, as well as I kept hearing that I needed to be more rugged.  I was only nine or ten at the time, but that was enough to make myself and others realize that I wasn’t going to get my scout camping badge. When I was around fourteen, my friends dad wanted to take us camping so every one of us could do some hiking in the forest.  The man said she had a camper as well as I thought that meant that would surely include heating as well as a/c. Her camper was a wooden tent that you had to be careful moving around in it. The stupid device would collapse if there was too much weight on either side of it.  There was no heat, but every one of us were right next to the campfire which did nothing but burn my eyes and dry out my throat. This time, I am not expecting anything but annoying crickets, damp sleeping bags as well as a miserable time. I am not going to look to enjoying any kind of heating for evening, or a/c for the daytime.  If I get anything more than water, I will be happy.

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