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Need more heating during the flue

I woke up one day as well as I was so sick that I didn’t assume I could make it to the bathroom before I ralphed everywhere.  I was pretty sure I had eaten something bad, because it was only my insides that were going haywire. Unfortunately, I could barely get out of bed, except when I was ralphing.  Since I wasn’t moving around, my blood wasn’t circulating respectfully as well as I was freezing. My fiance tried increasing the temperature control in the home office, but it didn’t seem to be assisting me against the chills.  I was dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down. I heard the oil furnace running as well as the noise was giving myself and others a migraine. She had the humidifier in the room, to help my skin from cracking from being all dried out.  She had to put the portable media UV air purifier in the home office, because of my ralphing. I was now unable to get out of bed as well as go to the bathroom every time I ralphed. I had a trash can by the bed as well as the smell was appalling. I am so glad this didn’t last very long, due to the fact that I’m not sure my fiance could have put up with myself and others or it.  I still assume it was something I consumed, because every one of us had been to a restaurant the for supper the previous night. There was some lady who was right in my face when she was telling myself and others about her kid. I noticed she was doing a lot of coughing. I don’t really know whether I would have caught her flu in less than twenty-four hours. I was much warmer as well as my fiance adjusted the temperature control back to normal the next day.


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