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Caring for our heating equipment

It’s finally gotten frigid cold enough for the seasonal rite of passage of going out to my garage & dusting off the old space heater. My parents have had this same model for only about six years–believe me when I say the model it was substituted for was an antique horror–but this little Heating device is a trooper. This space furnace requires little care throughout the season –  the only care we need to do is just to get it ready before it’s turned on every year! Since we store our space furnace out in the garage, the first thing we need to do is get it free of dust & cobwebs. This is easy enough. We get one of those Swiffer dusters and we carefully get every last bit out of all of the little crevices & gaps in it. The last thing we is that odor of gross electric burning hair that smells like an old hair curler. And once the heater both of us have to check every inch of the cord, and I like to think our garage is free of pests, however I believe we have a lot of mice & even rats in the garage. And so we take our time making sure none of the cord has been chewed or frayed over the summer and fall. Our space area furnace is nice, however, it still pulls a pretty high amount of wattage. The slightest destruction to the cord could cause a short, or even worse, a fire. Once the cleaning is done, we have to find a place to set up the little space heater furnace with several feet of clearance, & then we’re ready for the Winter time chill.

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