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Getting oil for my furnace

This rental home is going to be the death of me. I swear, I’m going out of my mind dealing with this. I thought getting away from apartments would be so much better. No more neighbors smoking nasty cigarettes right outside my window, no more morons starting fires with a grill on their patios, plus no more random yelling at all hours! But apartments have a single thing I had drastically under enjoyed until now, and that would be affordable Heating plus Air Conditioning. Every place where I’ve rented has had either a gas boiler or other electric baseboard heating. These have kept me warm and didn’t break the bank, winter after winter. I live in the northeast, and having a reliable plus affordable Heating plus Air Conditioning system to heat your home is vital. However, I took a gamble on this rental house and I lost. I thought the brand new windows would mean that the house was nice and air tight, even with the oil boiler… Plus it was still a boiler, not forced air, so how disappointing could it be? There would be no Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts or air filters for me to worry about. Boy, was I wrong! It’s only January and already I’ve had to order more oil for this stupid boiler in this house. I don’t even run the furnace that high; I only set the control machine to 63 at the max, and then when I go to bed, I knock it back down to 58. I’m going back to apartments. Anything is better than paying so much cash for all of this stupid oil.

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