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Cheap about HVAC

My property owner is the biggest cheapskate I’ve ever met. No matter how often I tell this woman we need to maintenance the Heating as well as A/C device, she refuses to listen to me. I have this particularly ancient thermostat; it’s just one of those cheap dial ones! You can’t program it or anything like that, all it does is let you set the central oil furnace to a particular temperature as well as tell you the temperature of the air around it. Well, the part that tells you the temperature works at least. I know this because it regularly tells myself and others when all other parts of the thermostat fail to work… See, the oil boiler works great. I know this because you can set the central heating for a temperature higher than the room currently is, as well as you can hear the thermostat make a little click as the rumble of the radiators get going. But in less than an hour, the place is already hotter than what I set the central oil furnace for. This is because the thermostat is only doing part of the job. While it’s working to turn the oil boiler on as well as heat the place up, it does not then shut it off when that temperature setting has been reached. As soon as I feel really hot, I have to go check the thermostat. Sure enough, it’s usually at something like 72, even though I’ve only put the thermostat to heat the place at 62. So instead I can never just leave the thermostat on a specific temperature. What I have to do instead is turn it on as well as off manually. My property owner seems to be alright with this, however its truly awful for the oil boiler over time.

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