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The super cold hotel


I truly love my task, however that is not to say I typically have it simple, though I feel blessed to be able to make a living in following my passion. At times it comes at a price and that price is a night’s worth of sleep. I host a TV show where I get to investigate paranormal accounts & unsolved crimes, however sometimes the sites where every one of us go are not really ideal. I mean, most of the sites every one of us go are far from ideal, however it’s these creepy locations that drives our ratings and allows us to keep the show going. A giant part of this is often spending the night in a supposedly haunted site, most of which are abandoned. We’re not staying at a nice resort here–except for the single time every one of us did which was at the Stanley Hotel–half of the sites every one of us stay are completely abandoned and don’t even have power running to them, let alone a central heating and a/c device… The bunch of us bring entirely nice sleeping bags, however that’s not always enough. Fortunately every one of us finally have the budget this year to purchase a few extras for travel. After some debate, my co-host and I settled on purchasing a little oil furnace. This type of space furnace runs on fuel, rather than electricity. That way every one of us can use the space furnace even when we’re somewhere separate from any kind of power. The oil furnace puts out so much heat that the last time every one of us used it at an abandoned asylum, every one of us had to really turn it down because every one of us were starting to sweat inside our sleeping bags.

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