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Full of boys and one thermostat

I have several older siblings and I am the only girl in the household besides my mother. To say they are irritating is an understatement. All my siblings are older than me and they are so overprotective. I suppose it is nice that they care so much about me, however occasionally I entirely wish they would just leave me alone. They are regularly causing havoc and making a huge mess and my mother regularly has to clean up. They are regularly wrestling and knocking everything over. They are regularly coming back to the household from some kind of sports activities practice and smelling absolutely terrible. It is difficult because they are also regularly the center of attention which of course is irritating for me. Another thing they do that annoys me to no end is change the settings of the temperature control unit. I am regularly freezing, I assume I just run cold. Because they are regularly running around I assume they entirely work up a sweat and wish for the cooling device to be blasting at all times. I can’t even picture what our energy bill looks like each month. I am always having to walk around in a jacket because the temperature control component is set far too low. I entirely wish just for once they would let me set the temperature control component to the temperature that I prefer. However, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. I am just going to have to get used to it because the bunch of us have to live together for a great deal longer.

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