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The thermostat in a relationship

My spouse and I have been married for multiple years now and the two of us dated for 4 years before the two of us were engaged. I truly appreciate him so much and I am thankful that the two of us really don’t have multiple complications in our marriage. However, since the two of us moved into our household about a year ago there is a certain thing that the two of us can’t stop arguing over. That thing is the settings on our Heating and A/C device. I appreciate to keep the home nice and warm, however my spouse constantly likes it really frigid. I have to walk around in a sweater, even on the warmest Summer days because our household is so cold. I really wish this wasn’t a crucial issue for us, however it is becoming worse and worse as time moves on. I decided one day that I was going to contact a local Heating and A/C device supplier to come out and repair our heating and cooling device. I was also hoping they would be able to offer some advice on how to solve these little concerns my spouse and I kept having, and once the Heating and A/C device serviceman was at the household, she started to tell us about HVAC zone control in our household. I have never heard of HVAC zone control, although I was intrigued by the idea. Essentially, temperature zone control would allow us to set certain rooms at customized temperatures depending on our preferences. I didn’t even need to hear more because I was sold on the idea right away. I think this is really going to help solve all our troubles.

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