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He has amazing HVAC in his home

I had a superb friend of mine who lived in my neighborhood when I was a youngster. Both of us struck up a friendship at the school we attended before I even knew that she lived in the same neighborhood. It turns out she lived in the most sizable household in the area. It’s amusing that I often speculated what kind of well-to-do, rich snobs resided there, before I found out it was my friend’s family. She did not brag about her wealth in the least, she was more interested in making friends, as she was a lonely, only child. Both of us were already superb friends before I first visited her household, although I must say when I did, I was kind of thankful that she didn’t talk about her wealth at school! Then, she might have made more “friends,” and that would mean more youngsters playing around with all the cool toys she had, instead of just the two of us! There was something else that I never forgot about that household. That family’s Heating and Air Conditioning device was superb… My family made do with window a/c devices and space heaters, so I felt super spoiled when I walked into their household and felt perfectly comfortable. I was so thrilled when my parents let me sleep over at her house. I would consistently end up sleeping like a baby in air-conditioned comfort, not to mention the futon that I used was somehow more comfy than my actual mattress at my household! Even when I visited in the winter, that household was so toasty and warm. The heat seemed to be coming from the floors and I never forgot how lovely it felt!

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