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Heating at my nanas

My Grandmother had a serious tolerance for the heat. I am aware that all of us are of Puerto Rican descent, plus she was full-blooded plus lived on the island for the majority of her life, but it got entirely crazy with her! Grandmother plus her household were the last tangible things that tied myself and others to my childhood, so I enjoyed to visit often, even as an adult. However, whenever I would come over in the summer months, I knew that I would have to smile plus bear the heat within her home. It’s not that her Heating plus Air Conditioning device was not functional, it was, it’s just that she insisted on using a bunch of old-fashioned, metal oscillating fans instead of an a/c device. And most of them she only used when she had people over, for their benefit! I did not understand how she could live this way in the dead of summer. I did not believe that the heat was great for her, plus I would argue about her turning down the temperature control unit so that the air would actually kick in… She would never have any of it, plus over the years I have to admit: she lived for a good, long time separate from using an a/c device. People are warned nowadays about the elderly plus their sensitivity to heat, plus I am not playing the threat down, it’s just that my hardy, old Grandmother seemed to really thrive in it! Meanwhile, whenever I would visit, I would toss plus turn all night with as many rickety little fans blowing on myself and others as possible. She also had this quirk where she would fall asleep in a rocking chair every single night. I swear, in the later years, I never witnessed that woman sleeping in a bed!

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