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Taking the bus is a cheap and rather convenient means of myself and others getting to work in the day. I absolutely appreciate that I don’t have to put countless miles on our car driving back and forth on a 30 minutes commute a bunch of times every week. I don’t even have to drive our kids to school in the day as they have their own bus to take them to and from school. This way our car is only used for shopping trips, and errands, and recreation! The bus that takes myself and others to work every day has excellent temperature control. I have every reason to be thankful for this amazing climate control system, and yet it entirely wreaks havoc on me! I constantly have to wait at the bus stop between 15 and 20 minutes for it to arrive every day and this can be a rather brutal wait in the winter months and the summer. In the winter, I have to bundle up in several layers because the un-even temperatures are occasionally nearing sub-zero and I hate to go without my heating system! Then, I step on the bus and into the heat. If I was wearing far less clothing, it would absolutely feel lovely. Instead, I end up roasting inside my t-shirt, sweatshirt, blazer, and heavy coat. I always feel a little awkward when I try to strip down on the bus. In the summer, even in the day, it can be in the 70s and muggy. I wear light clothing because of this. I step onto the bus and into frigid air! I can’t win for trying; it’s either suffer at the bus stop or suffer on the bus!

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