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No a/c in my house

I just moved out of my parents’ household & they have central heating & cooling… It is so wonderful to not have to fret about a/c in the summer months. Basically all my parents have to do is set the temperature control to the desired temperature that they want when it’s frosty outside & when it’s hot outside. I just moved into a household & because it’s not as modern as their house, I do not have central a/c installed. It is the Winter time now & I do have a number of months until the weather starts getting sizzling again. What I’m going to have to do is absolutely purchase a new window a/c device. But with it being the first year of me living in the household while in the summer, I want to see how how it is going to be before I make the decision to have a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker install central heating & cooling in our household. Because I do not have central heating & cooling in our household that also means I do not have any ductwork in our household either. Central heating & cooling is absolutely extravagant but it is also energy efficient & reliable. I should say that it is only reliable if you keep up with the cleaning of the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C device. I know that’s what I’m absolutely going to do is just pick up a few window a/c devices for this Summer & save up currency for the next year or multiple so I do not have to stress about the expense of central heating & cooling in my place.

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