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The problem with their HVAC

My sibling was looking for a new house, and while looking at this one they really were interested in, they found there was a possible termite issue going on it, which was almost a deal breaker. Another complication they found while looking around could be the HVAC system in the house, however the house could be all that a buyer could want, however with air duct corroded with bugs & rodents, when my sibling ended up trying out and turning on the HVAC device in the house, the house stank like it had a corpse or two was hiding in it. In the beach house my sibling ended up buying in the very end of his deep searching around non-stop, the HVAC device was super old & almost worthless, However, my sibling and the partner he was with ended up just agreeing on a deal with the seller to reduce the price by the cost of a new HVAC unit! My sibling wanted the latest in HVAC products as well as technology which was quite overpriced. The seller was not exactly blissfully over the moon by that idea, so she & my sibling haggled till they came to a price they could actually agree on. My sibling finally bought the house, added some of his own money to what the seller had provided, & bought himself a spanking new ductless mini split system with zone control in it, a smart thermostat & more. I visit him regularly because I too enjoy that house, Every single last one of us talk about seasoned old times, eat, drink & generally in the end really just loved and adored everything about this charming home, surrounded by the best in indoor air conditions available!   

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