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air cleaner for our cats

I recently got a new media air cleaner.  This air purification system is specially made for homes with multiple cats like I have.  Recently, I’ve been sneezing a lot as well as my home doesn’t always smell too fresh, and i felt that the air that I was breathing needed to be cleaner. The cats were the issue, but I love them and have to keep them.  I researched media air cleaners online so I can get more comfortable in my home, especially when I have visitors over for any reason. The best media air cleaners that I found online removes cat allergies. I expect that my new media air cleaner will eliminate the cat smells from the litter box.  To improve my air quality, the media air cleaner must eliminate the dust, as well. My research indicates that I should choose an media air cleaner with a HEPA filter of some sort. It seems that the HEPA-filtered media air cleaners adhere to a higher familiar with regard to improving air quality.  That way, the media air cleaner will clean my air for me all around. I hope that sometime soon I will not have these issues anymore as well as anyone I have over will come visit and be able to make their own decision about my air quality. I’ll be using the best media air cleaner to combat cat odors. So all I need to do additionally, is to change the air filter out more often.  Maybe now, I’ll have some friends again.

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