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Having a smart thermostat is a simple way to control the temperature in your home. But how much money can one of these thermostats save you?  As an HVAC specialist, I have to say that the answers to those questions are not too simple. There are some factors that must be explored to figure out the savings from a smart thermostat. The age of the system and how it is being one. Another thing to figure out the energy savings is the age of that HVAC unit… Is it time for an HVAC tune-up?  As well as the thermal properties in your home, the very cold times of year constantly cost more, then that said, a smart thermostat controller will save you some dough by heating your home moderately. Unlike a traditional temperature thermostat control, a smart temperature thermostat control will learn your heating & cooling habits within a month.  With the use of the heating & cooling equipment, it figures it all out. Learning how to effectively use your temperature smart thermostat control can help lower those energy bills monthly. There are steps such as sealing the air leaks & changing gas furnace or HVAC filters. Two simple tasks that will also help that smart temperature thermostat control to save you some dough this winter.  An important factor to figure out if you should even change to a smart thermostat controller is whether you leave your home much. If not, manually changing the dial wall thermostat’s temperature control may just be good enough for you!

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