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City bus HVAC stinks

I was a bus driver in my town for many years, and while doing that, I had to deal with something on a daily basis that makes even the kindest person cranky: little to no heating and cooling! Our city’s bus system desperately needed a replace for the longest timeā€¦ I was driving people around in buses that were far too frosty freezing in the Winter and steamy sizzling hot in the summer. I myself had the benefit of this tiny fan on the dashboard of the bus, however it did practically no good in the slightest to me; During the coldest mornings of the year, I noticed that most people were always sitting there being completely silent, huddled in their hats and sweaters and rubbing their hands together for warmth, practically not one single person was in a talkative mood on those mornings. During the summer, however, the awful heat seemed to have an increase in fights on our bus, and I have no doubt at all that it was the dreadful heat that was getting on people’s nerves more than anything else, that is why when we all finally got much nicer, weather conditions-controlled buses with heating as well as cooling, I leaped for joy. I and the commuters that I drove around had to deal with the worst buses imaginable for a full decade nearly. I felt so spoiled when cool, refreshing air came pouring from the vents in our bus that first summer time we all had finally acquired a replacement! And it was just as cozy in the winter, because the heating system that was pumping through that big old bus was excellent!

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