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The temperature control in our bakery

I own a bakery that has been my family for many generations, and you do not find mom and pop bakeries much anymore these days. Supermarkets and big-box stores have popped up everywhere, even in our town, however the local folks know that if they want fresh, homemade baked goods that will easily make your mouth water, they come right over to my bakery, here in the bakery we got hot, delicious fresh baked donuts ready for the early morning crowd, so that people can come in and grab a pastry before they go to work. We still bake bread too so that it’s fresh out of the oven, both at noon, and just before lunch time when it is beginning to close up shop. We then go and have a few tables and chairs for those that would love to eat their baked goods from within my store, and I do everything to keep my buyers feeling good with my climate control HVAC system, as has been my family’s tradition. In the summer, my HVAC unit keeps the shop nice and cool and people love to hang around and chat with each other in the store for a while before heading back out into the hot heat. In the Winter time in particular, people love the combination of a cozily warmed up store and hot, melt-in-your-mouth pastries. I have to say that in my living room itself at home, which is connected to my bakery, occasionally business is so good while in the winter, that the ovens are running constantly and I barely need to run any heat in there! Keeping my buyers in climate controlled HVAC comfort is just another reason that my family and me have been in business for so long!

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