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Boiler as a pool heater

I just put an inground pool behind my house. I am obsessed with getting my money’s worth out of it. The pool was ungodly expensive.  I also put in pavers in a patio around it and a fence to ensure privacy. All of that cost me a fortune, and I want to use the pool all year round. In the summer, we were always in the pool.   With the tremendous heat and humidity, the cold pool felt amazing. Now it is Winter. The outside air has turned quite cold. The cool water does not appeal to my family anymore. I am now thinking I need to buy some kind of heating system for the pool. Buying a heater will add more to my pool investment. But, by devoting a little more money, I hope my family will use the pool for another three months out of the year. I have shopped around but have not found a pool heater that serves my needs. Most of the heaters from actual pool suppliers are super costly. I’d  then need to hire someone to install and hook it up for me. I need a professional since I am not handy. After some more research, I found an interesting tidbit. A boiler system can be hooked up to heat a swimming pool. I’d need to connect piping to the home heating system and have the pipes extend to the pool. The boiler would then heat the home and also deliver hot water to the pool. How awesome is that? I won’t even need to purchase another heater since I already own a boiler. It is not too far from the pool either, so that means limited piping. My whole family is super enthusiastic about swimming in a heated pool.

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