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Missed my own HVAC tune up

I am not doing so good with remembering things. I keep forgetting the things I really need to remember. I totally missed my mother’s birthday. I failed to call her, buy her a gift or take her to dinner like I normally do. I also forgot about my son’s hockey game.  I missed the whole thing. To end this horrible week, I also neglected to schedule an HVAC tune up. Ever change of season, l hire the local HVAC dealer to service my heating or cooling equipment. I usually do this on the first of the month, at the same scheduled time. I have written the HVAC service in my planner, on the calendar and even receive a call from the HVAC company the week prior. I was not at my home when the HVAC contractor arrived on my doorstep. I forgot and went to buy groceries instead. I left my phone at home.  When the HVAC professional called to ask me to unlock the door, I never answered. The HVAC contractor eventually just left my home and went on to his next job. I still got charged a fee for the appointment since I was the one who messed up. It is rather expensive to have the HVAC system serviced. I paid for it but I did not get any of the benefits. My gas furnace still needs inspection, tuning and cleaning. I will need to call the HVAC dealer back and schedule another appointment to complete this essential task. I can’t let myself forget it this time. I can’t afford to have the HVAC  professional stop and do nothing. I also can’t afford to have my furnace malfunction because of a lack of service.

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