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Central cooling installation

In my town, a central cooling system isn’t truly necessary. The winter weather is extended, brutally cold and the main concern. We often use the gas furnace for six to eight months at full capacity.  My heating bills are very high, and the furnace requires a lot of upkeep. I’ve always looked forward to the temperature warming up and the chance to open the windows. Letting in some good air and taking advantage of a bit of ventilation makes the house smell better and get fresher.  It’s great to shut off the heating system and save some cash on energy bills. The summer season is often short, lasting only two months at a maximum, but can be quite hot and humid. The house gets very overheated and sticky, and we have problems with condensation, mold and mildew. I’ve often gotten by with portable fans and a couple of window air conditioners, but this isn’t the best solution. I’m considering getting myself a whole-home cooling system. My local HVAC company is offering a special, and a manufacturer’s rebate, which makes the installation quite affordable. Because I already possess the air handler and duct system, ready for the furnace, the installation process wouldn’t need a bunch of tear down or pile up a huge mess.  Central air conditioning would provide numerous benefits.Shutting the windows would prevent the steady flow of pollen, exhaust fumes, dust and insects. It would help reduce the noise of traffic, birds, people and barking dogs. I have scheduled a free estimate for the following week, and am anticipating installation soon.

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