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Eating outside in the south

The Italian restaurant that I cook at is mostly outdoor dining – we have roughly seven outdoor heaters to disperse throughout the area. They use propane – the tank gets stored and hooked up below the bottom of the heater and hidden with a built in cover. They have an ignitor switch and are typically pretty simple to light – you just push a button down and make sure it is set to the “lighting” setting – but we have three of them that are absolutely impossible and my boss has to utilize a blow torch to start them. You would think that since we are in the deep south, we wouldn’t even need extensive heat but sometimes it gets so chilly for southerners to be able to stand it for an extended period of time. We have them basically just to be kind, but sometimes when it is crowded and we cannot start them ourselves we have to interrupt our manager, who is typically cooking dishes, to come start them with his blow torch. They are a serious hassle and cause more trouble than they solve for us and take great amounts of time away from us actually assisting our customers. At times I just want to suggest that these people put on jeans and a jacket instead of being dressed like they are at the beach! My managers finally ordered three more to replace the real bad ones so I am wishing that they are going to smooth the process for everyone involved.

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