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The poor gas furnace

My family and friends have all always liked to make fun of me because I like to live life dangerously. This is not to say that I am a true daredevil or anything, I just like to have fun and abide by the rule of “yolo.”. Even as I finished college and got a bit older, my mindset never shifted much. That was until the fire occurred. At my house, there is a garage connected to it that I had decided to convert into my man cave. It was fully decked out with a fridge, a flat screen television, and a space heater that my buddy had given me. This thing was quite old, and it also didn’t have any timer settings so you were required to shut it off manually. Well being the careless person that I am, I never liked to do this. I preferred to come home from work to a nice and toasty man cave rather than sit and wait for the place to heat up. One day, I came home to find that it had gotten too toasty, and firemen hosing down my man cave. What used to be a happy and lovely place now was burnt down rubble. Now that I am in my 30’s I can honestly say that I preferred that this happened to me. Sure I lost a lot of valuables and items, but I would rather understand danger when I am single and alone than if I had a family to protect. Now I am careful!

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