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Buying christmas presents used to be great when you were young and weren’t having to get anything that nice, but as an adult it kind of lost its allure. Now that I am a grown adult with a good job, people expect you to get something nice for them. I have a rather big family, and I am also a person pleaser. As you can imagine, this is a trigger for a disaster. My mom and dad have been angry about their heating and cooling unit not working every single moment that I would talk to them on the phone, so I planned that for christmas I would get them a brand new HVAC unit. Once Christmas finally came around and my mom and dad discovered their gift from me, their jaws dropped so fast they were so happy. A brand new, modern heating and cooling unit was the last thing they were expecting, and they jumped for joy. They were super happy and wouldn’t stop thanking me. Then came their next gift, and we discovered my sister had also thought it would be nice to give them a brand new HVAC unit. This was then followed by embarrassment and awkward silence. It sucks when you have to spend lots of money during the holidays, but it is even worse when you don’t communicate to avoid duplicate gifts. I hope that the HVAC company has a great return policy, because one of us will be using it!

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