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Sail-boating and fishing are my favorite pastimes. I am never more content than when I am on the water. I was raised on the coast, and much of my life was spent out there. It was my father that instilled such a love of sailing and fishing in me when I was a kid. Throughout the year, you can find me out there loving it. There is also this good seafood restaurant right on the docks, that has been there forever. My father and I used to go there a lot after we had our fun sailing for the day. It always had the greatest seafood around, and a lot of it was fresh caught.They also had a great air conditioning system. Walking into the restaurant in the heat of a summer afternoon was amazing! My father was good friends with the owner and they would tell fishing tales that they tended to exaggerate a lot. There was nothing like sitting and relaxing in that restaurant, under the cool and refreshing air conditioning vent, while munching on crab cakes, or my favorite: blackened halibut with fried green tomatoes! Many of the other sailors and fishermen loved to frequent this place quite a bit, not just because of the awesome food, but because it was the only place to go at the end of the day, right at the marina, to cool off, and have a few drinks and a great meal.To this day, that seafood restaurant has A/C that is as cool and inviting as it was the first time my father took me there years ago!

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